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400 years, “No birth in the village”.

It has been 400 years since a woman given birth to a child in a “Sanka Shyam Ji” village which is in Madhya Pradesh. Locals believe that if a woman gives birth here, then the mother or the child will either die or be disfigured. Here there are no written rules in Sanka Shyam Ji village of Rajgarh, which is around 130 km from Bhopal is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh. locals believe that women are shrug off to give birth here, they must cross the village and give birth outside of the village if they wish theirs and their child’s fortune. Narendra Gurjar is the sarpanch of the village, and he said that “90% of the deliveries materialize in hospitals only if in case of emergency, deliveries occur at outside the village where a room has been build for this purpose.” Even in the rains or extreme weather also, women are taken out to the village for a childbirth. The “Curse”, they believe that, was set over this village when a woman disrupted at a temple construction. In the 16th century, when the temple was built, at the time one woman started grinding wheat. for this distraction of the construction work, and out of anger, Gods cursed to the village, saying that “No woman would be able to give birth in this village”. The villagers brushed aside any talks of this being a fear and they say have witnessed that when some accidental deliveries take place, the child was either deformed or died. An elderly man from the village says that no one drinks alcohol or eats meat in this village, and that’s a blessing from God on their village.

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