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500 nominations found valid after scrutiny in Telangana

About 500 nominations have been found valid after scrutiny in all the 17 Lok Sabha constituencies which are going to polls during the first phase in Telangana. The election authorities have rejected over 130 nominations as they are found to be improper. As per the revised figures, 12 out of 203 nominations which were filed in Nizamabad have been rejected and 191 nominations found valid. In case all candidates continue, ballot polling will be inevitable in Nizamabad.

A large number of farmers had filed their nominations as a mark of protest. After scrutiny, the election authorities found the highest number of valid nominations in Nalgonda Lok Sabha constituency after Nizamabad. There are 31 valid nominations after rejecting 8 in the constituency. However, the highest number of rejected nominations were found in Malkajgiri, the biggest Lok Sabha constituency in the country. Only 13 nominations remained valid in Malkajgiri after rejecting 27.

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