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16-Year-Old Was Shot 18 Times In A Delhi Gang War

On Monday Mukul, who was killed in the Sant Nagar shootout was only 16. His family says that his life was in danger for over 6 months. They had sent him out of Delhui, and had also demanded security for him against the threat from Jitender Gogi gang.

Pawan, Mukul’s uncle, who is a constable posted with Old Police Lines in Delhi said,”He died hours before he was supposed to leave for Sports Authority of India, Sonipat.”

In 2005 Mukul’s mother died of illness & his father died in 2016 due to snakebite. Pawan took care of Mukul and his 20-year-old sister after that.

Pawan said,”I move around with a PSO. But even though I am a policeman, these men don’t fear anything. go go around like vultures and kill anyone they want. Mukul was only16. What harm did he cause them that they pumped 18 bullets into that child? He was a budding wrestler and could have represented India. They were rivals since college. But Gogi isn’t stopping after that.”

Gangster Hemraj’s family member said that he had been disinherited seven years ago when he absconded after committing a crime.

The other victim Himanshu informed Mukul’s family about the incident. He was hit thrice & is in hospital.

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