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60 persons who are engaged in begging shifted to shelter home by Mayor Bonthu Rammohan


GHMC providing shelter and food to 4,600 orphans and who are engaged in begging  in the city said the .Mayor Dr.Bonthu Rammohan. In continuance process GHMC on Tuesday shifted about 60 persons from old Secretariat to Government High School, Ameerpet, Hyderabad.   Dr.Bonthu Rammohan on seeing, individuals Kartik along with his friends distributing food to them and appealed them not to distribute the food on road side as the people are not maintaining social distance and there is threat spread of virus among them and requested to coordinate with the GHMC in distribution of food. Mayor satisfied the quality of food being served by Kartik and friends.   

Due to lock down most of the business establishments are closed, the workers from hotels   lodges, and from petty vendors were left in distress as they are unable to go to their native place and depended on Annapurna/ donors for food. On enquiry it is found that some of them are locals residents, even though they are beneficiaries of free rice and cash of white card holders, they are coming out daily for free food from donors. Mayor warned them not to come out since there is chance of virus passing to the family members, if they repeat, case will be filed against them.

Mayor said Government is taking various measures to control the spread of Covid-19 virus, as per the instructions of the  Chief Minister K.Chandra Shekar Rao, nobody left hungry, GHMC providing shelter and free food through Annapurna Free meals  in 25 shelters homes, similarly, providing shelter and free meals in 85 centers through NGOs. Medical health check up is also provided to them. It is estimated that about 400 who are engaged in begging are in and around secretariat and are being shifted to shelter homes. From the past couple of days 200 persons were shifted to shelter homes temporarily running in Schools and Stadiums  to maintain social distance mayor added.   


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