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9 tips to make fast food healthier for children

We all know fast food is unhealthy for us as well as our kids. The fact is, we cannot avoid eating junk for all our lives!

If you’re a busy parent, chances are you’ve been in the company of hungry children, desperate to find the nearest place to eat and refuel. Although fast food can make for a quick and appealing pit stop, meals can be high in calories, sugars and sodium.

  1. Never leave home without snacks.
  2. Choose age-appropriate sizes for meals.
  3. Encourage fruit over fries.
  4. Share a meal with your child.
  5. Establish your expectations beforehand.
  6. Decide on dessert
  7. Insist that they sit.
  8. Teach teens healthy habits.
  9. Be a good role model.

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