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A little girl named ‘Abcde’ laughed at by the airline employees in US

A Texas mother is calling out a Southwest Airlines employee who she said mocked her 5-year-old daughter’s name and then posted a picture of the small child’s boarding pass on social media. Traci Redford said that her daughter’s name is Abcde, which is pronounced “ab-si-dee.” Redford said the incident occurred several weeks ago when she and her daughter were preparing to board a flight at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California.

Redford said that a gate agent at the Airport Abcde’s name and started pointing, laughing and talking to other employees about Redford and her child. Tracy Redford added, while she and her daughter waited for the landing, the Southwest employee took a picture of a boarding pass, which indicated an unusual girl’s name, and then published photos in social networks.

Tracy only found out about it a few days later when other people who saw the photo on Facebook, complained to the airline and told her. Recently Southwest Airlines has apologised to the family in a statement.

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