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ACGME presents prestigious US award to Dr. Srilakshmi Vallabhaneni

In a moment of pride for Indians and especially Hyderabadis, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) of the USA has presented the David C. Leach National Award to Dr. Srilakshmi Vallabhaneni.

ACGME presents prestigious US award to Dr. Srilakshmi Vallabhaneni, navyamediaDr. Srilakshmi Vallabhaneni is one of the four residents/fellows in the USA to have received the award for 2018 in recognition of her distinguished service and commitment to excellence in graduate medical education and humanism in medicine.

The award recognises residents and fellows who have fostered innovation and improvement in their residency programmes, advanced humanism in medicine, and increased efficiency and emphasis on educational outcomes.

ACGME is the body responsible for accrediting graduate medical training programmes like internships, residencies, and fellowships, a.k.a. subspecialty residencies for physicians in the USA. Only three-four residents/fellows among the entire USA receive the award every year.

Dr. Vallabhaneni was presented the award in March during the ACGME 2018 annual conference in Florida.

Being an international medical graduate in USA this is a true accomplishment by Dr. Vallabhaneni and a moment of pride for her family. She is the first Indian student to have received the award.

ACGME presents prestigious US award to Dr. Srilakshmi Vallabhaneni, navyamediaDr. Srilakshmi secured a medical seat through merit category and did her medical training in NRI Academy of Medical sciences. She then moved to the USA where she did her internal medicine residency and is now doing her fellowship in cardiology, which is very competitive and hard to get into.

Her programme director said this about her: “Dr. Vallabhaneni is a self starter who took it upon herself to analyze various aspects of our patient care and suggest methods for improvement, during her three years with us. We are very proud of her achievements.”

It has been a true honour and a proud moment for her parents Prasad and Smt Sujatha. Dr. Vallabhaneni had studied in Hyderabad. In 2012, she went to America for further studies.

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