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Annual Day And Prize Distribution of Bal Bharati Public School

Annual Day and Prize Distribution Functionof Bal Bharati Public School, GRH Marg was held on Sunday, 8 April 2018 in the school premises. Hon’ble Justice (Retd.) S N Dhingra presided over the Function as the Chief Guest and the Prominent Media Personality, Ms Pratibha Advani graced the occasion as the Guest of Honour. Presence of eminent guests as well as the parents added to the grandeur and significance of the occasion. These included Mr L R Channa, Chairman of the school and President, Child Education Society (CES); Dr V K Ahuja, Vice President, CES; and Ms Meenu Goswami, Secretary (Manager) of the school and Principal, BBPS, Pitampura; Principals of other units of Bal Bharati; members of PTA and Alumni Association each.

Addressing the audience, Justice S N Dhingra opined that “character formation with the right values” rather than mere knowledge acquisition should be the purpose of education. He was happy to note that the school’s multi-faceted curriculum gave equal importance to co-curricular activities as well as academics. Ms Pratibha Advani urged all students to follow the 6Cs which, according to her, are essential for the success of an individual and would contribute to the well- being of the society, at large. These included- Calling, credibility, Conscience, Childlike quality, Compassion, Country.

The achievements of the school, staff and students during the academic session 2017-18, as well as the significant initiatives taken by the school to enhance curriculum transaction and creating comfortable learning spaces for the learners were highlighted by the Principal,  Mr L V Sehgal in the presentation of the School’s Annual Report. He also emphasized the school’s commitment to provide holistic quality education while taking care to ensure a “high happiness index” among learners. Through an impressive Audio-Visual Presentation showcased by the school’s Prefectorial Team, highlights of the rich mosaic of activities and achievements of the school during the academic session were also presented. 

More than 100 students received Prizes in various categories in both Scholastic and co- Scholastic areas. Vidyalaya Ratna Award for All Round excellent performance during 2017-18 was given to Janya Kaur (PP J); Atharva Keswani (III A); Priyani Gupta (V D); Poorav Dhingra (VIII A); Prakrat Gupta (X); and Shivangi Malik (XII C). On the occasion, the school also released its Table Calendar-cum-Planner for the academic session 2018-19. The Vote of thanks was proposed by Ms Meena  Malhotra, Officiating Vice Principalof the school.

The cultural extravaganza for the day comprised a rich amalgamation of enthralling music, dance and drama items. The inaugural item, Aarush : Pehli Kiran, a melodious presentation by an impressive group of 110 instrumentalists and 150 vocalists conveyed the message of hope. The next Programme, Kartar, by a group of 15 students of classes VI to X showcased a melodic and rhythmic presentation, Bandish. This was followed by the vibrant and graceful fusion of classical and contemporary dance performance, Shakti Utsav. A captivating contemporary dance performance, Sunehre Pal by 240 children of the Montessori Department, set to the tune of catchy musical beats highlighted the significance of childhood in the journey of life. The next item, Yuddh, a dance drama linked the occurrence of war over 4 epochs on the basis of the Hindu scriptures, and emphasized that in the present era, each human being was continuously engaged in a war within his/her own being and how self realization could lead to its resolution. The compelling presentation brought together the grace of classical folk traditions, the power of music and the eloquence of drama.

The display of the numerous trophies and Prizes won by our Sports enthusiasts in varied sports disciplines was also much appreciated. Thus, the annual event commending scholastic and co-scholastic excellence in students also proved to be a mesmerizing visual treat for the audience.

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