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Aruna slams CM on promises


Bharatiya Janata Party National Vice President DK Aruna on Tuesday criticized Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao that promises would come to his mind during the elections. 
In a statement she said that implementation of free power up to 250 units per month to hair dressing salons and laundry shops was an old promise and it has been implemented now with an eye on by-polls to Nagarjuna Sagar Assembly constituency. 
She said that the Chief Minister made several promises in the past during the elections and did not implement them so far. She said that the Chief Minister has been implementing the promises whenever an election takes place. 
She reminded that the Chief Minister has made plethora of promises to the people of the state during the general elections to the Assembly in 2018. However, he forgot their implementation in the past 2 years. 
She alleged that the irrigation projects being announced recently by the Chief Minister to Nalgonda district were also old promises. 
Aruna said that the promise to decrease the age to 57 years to get Asara pension was not implemented. New pensions were not given and those who were eligible to get pension were kept in waiting for months together. Double bedroom houses construction was not completed and the completed units were not allocated to the beneficiaries.
She said that selection of beneficiaries for the 2BHK houses were not taken up in Nagarjuna Sagar constituency and even a single unit was not constructed there so far. Aruna said that applications of many physically challenged people for pensions were kept in pending for months together.  Pensions were not granted even after the disability certificates are issued through the camps held by the government. Pensions were also not renewed to the physically challenged and they were made to wait months together to get pension.

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