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ASI finds trade centre of early historic period in Andhra Pradesh

ASI finds trade centre of early historic period in Andhra Pradesh

Explorations conducted in and around Gottiprolu within a radius of 15 kilometres revealed important vestiges viz., fortified an early historic settlement at Puduru, Sunbrahmanya temple at Mallam, unique rock-cut laterite stepped well at Yakasiri, Vishnu temple at Tirumuru. Further, the entire seacoast on the east is dotted with various forms of antiquarian remains extending from Tamil Nadu and culturally linked with each other.

The two fortified townships within the gap of 15kms during early historic times indicate the significant strategic location was preferred by the early historic people for trade in the region keeping in view of the proximity of the sea, River and Lake (Pulicat). A 2000-year-old brick structure and a Vishnu sculpture were also unearthed from the site.

ASI retrieved a moulded female terracotta figurine with two hands lifted upwards. Another interesting find is the small rectangular brick tank exposed near the inner lining of the curved brick structure. Interesting pottery finds are the base of conical jars placed at the eastern side of the structure.

Such conical jars are widely distributed in Tamil Nadu and considered to be imitated variety of Roman Amphorae jars. Other major retrieved antiquities unearthed are copper and lead coins, iron spearhead, stone celts, terracotta beads, ear stud in semi-precious stone and hopscotches.

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