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Atrocities in Congress, BJP ruled states: TRS

Crisis for Congress in Telangana, 12 MLAs join ruling TRS, seek merger of CLP

TRS leadership today slammed the congress and other opposition patties for criticising and TRS Government on Dalits, irrigation and development issues. 

Addressing a, press conference TRS MLAs Balka Suman,  Balaraj, Suman, Yadaiah and Prabhakar slammed the Congress for politicising Dalit person death and Corona, Secretariat and other issues. 

The TRS government is ideal to other states in implementing welfare schemes,  irrigation systems and development, they claimed. 

The TRS boss and Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has been completing irrigation projects,  which were neglected by the successive governments. 

The TRS MLAs have accused the Congress and BJP leaders of failing to protect people interests. The people are aware of how the Congress and BJP governments in the states suppressed Dalits and minorities and poor. 

The TRS government is offering land, pension financial aid to Dalits, minorities and poor with houses. They alleged that atrocities on Dalits, minorities,  murders and rapes took place in the states ruled by the Congress and the BJP governments in the country. 

Though people discarded the Congress and its leaders are mud slinging on the TRS government,  they fumed.  With no other issue  the opposition taking on the government and trying to defame it, they objected. 

The KCR government is noted for welfare schemes, irrigation projects and development being emulated by other states and appreciated by the centre,  they said.

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