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Be Alert –Prevention is Better than Cure


Corona is spreading at an alarming speed throughout the country and the number of people affected by it and also the deaths die to it are going up day by day. 
            Doctors say while there is no need to get panicky about it, there is every need to strictly follow the guidelines to check the spread of the virus. 
To stay safe from corona,  the following precautions must be observed strictly. Every one should wear a mask, even while speaking to someone in your house, as in many cases the virus is attacking people, but no symptoms are seen.  Everyone should maintain safe distance of six feet.  Avoid taking part in gatherings of any sort,  social,  religious etc., and going to places where people gather,  namely markets,  railway and bus stations,  places of worship,  theaters,  marriages or other functions,  funerals,  etc. 
            Vaccination is a must for all eligible persons,  particularly those above 45 years of age.        Observe strict cleanliness. Wash your hands frequently with soap and also use sanitizer.   
Don’t neglect cold,  fever,  etc.  Consult doctor.  
These are only some of the guidelines. Follow all guidelines being given by the authorities from time to time.   
            Keep in mind the  old saying: Prevention is Better than Cure.

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