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Cancellation of MMTS Trains due to Traffic Block

Cancellation of MMTS Trains
In view of the construction of a bridge between Begumpet-Sanathnagar station a Traffic
Block was imposed. Due to this, the following MMTS services are cancelled as detailed
below: –
Cancellation on 12 th May 2019:
1. Train No. 47149 Falaknuma-Lingampalli MMTS service.
2. Train No. 47173 Lingampalli-Falaknuma MMTS service.
3. Train No. 47171 Lingampalli-Falaknuma MMTS service.
4. Train No. 47151 Falaknuma-Lingampalli MMTS service.
5. Train No. 47150 Falaknuma-Lingampalli MMTS service.
6. Train No. 47174 Lingampalli-Falaknuma MMTS service.
7. Train No. 47100 Hyderabad-Lingampalli MMTS service.
8. Train No. 47127 Lingampalli-Hyderabad MMTS service.
9. Train No. 47101 Hyderabad-Lingampalli MMTS service.
10. Train No. 47128 Lingampalli-Hyderabad MMTS service.
11. Train No. 47129 Lingampalli-Hyderabad MMTS service.
12. Train No. 47105 Hyderabad-Lingampalli MMTS service.
13. Train No. 47153 Falaknuma-Lingampalli MMS service.
14. Train No. 47176 Lingampalli-Falaknuma MMTS service.

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