Carrying Sweet Memories……

President Pranab Mukherjee praises India’s democracy and Parliament during his farewell speech on Sunday at Parliament. Pranab Mukherjee is the 13th president of India and he leaves the Rashtrapati Bhavan on Monday.

He said “I strives to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, not just in word but also in spirit”. Mukherjee spent 37 years as a Congress member in Parliament. On Sunday, he said “realized how disruption hurts the opposition more than the government as it denies them the opportunity to raise the concerns of the people”.

Mukherjee shared a story about Indira Gandhi on the importance of “self-correction”. After the Congress’s poll defeat following the Emergency, Gandhi and Mukherjee were in London and faced journalists, he said. “The first question that was flung at her, ‘What have been your gains from the Emergency?’ Indira Gandhi replied, ‘In those 21 months, we comprehensively managed to alienate all sections of Indian people.’ I learnt an early lesson of acknowledging my mistakes and rectifying them. Self-correction in such situations is always a better option than self-justification”.

In conclusion of his speech, Mukhergee praised Prime Minister Modi and said: “I’ll carry with me lot of memories with Modi and remember his warm behavior towards me”.

Kovind, newly elected 14th President, will come tomorrow at Rashtrapathi Bhavan after swearing ceremony.  

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