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Chandrayaan 2: Nation applauds as historic journey to Moon begins

Chandrayaan 2- Nation applauds as historic journey to Moon begins

The powerful booster GSLV-Mark-Three carrying Chandrayaan-2 on-board zoomed into space at 14.43 hours by puffing out thick smoke and leaving trailblazers amidst thundering sound from the second launch pad of the Satish Dhawan Space Centre. After piercing through the cloudy sky, it placed the high-stake lunar probe into the designated highly elliptical orbit around the earth in just 16 minutes and 33 seconds.

ISRO Chairman Dr Sivan congratulated the Team ISRO for the remarkable achievement saying it is the beginning of a historic journey by the nation to the moon. From the earth-bound orbit, Chandrayaan-2 will be navigated by the ISRO scientists to near the South Pole of the moon.

It will be made possible by carrying out fifteen earth-bound manoeuvres that involve burning the engine onboard Chandrayaan-2. It will be the first-ever soft-landing of a probe by India, that is expected to be on September 7. India would become the fourth ever nation to have a soft-landing on the moon, once Chandrayaan-2 reaches the unexplored area.

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