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Bangalore, 20th August 2018: Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield celebrated the Organ Donation Day by organizing a discussion on the pros and cons of Organ Donation and to create awareness among donors.

Donating an organ is providing the slightest ray of hope for many unfortunate patients, the best kind of gift one can lend their hands in. While in India, there is a crisis of organ donation, the purpose of this event is not only to make people more aware but also to promote the concept of “Gifting an Organ”, as an organ donated can save a life and start an era.

The discussion revolves around how the general mass feels about Organ Donation. In India, the myths and fears that a person has to face regarding the same has caused huge crisis in Organ Donation. To create more awareness and have a positive impact on getting more people interested, along with discussing about advanced technologies that are gradually changing the scenario.


Among the dignitaries, speaking on the occasion Dr. Pallavi PatriConsultant-Chief of Nephrology & Renal Transplant, Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield said “Organ Donation comes as a boon to the affected patients with a need of transplant. Transplants are only possible if the donor signs up and eagerly chooses to donate under no pressure or influence. For instance, when you donate your eyes, you are seeing for that person, you have a part of you residing in that person. In India, to overcome the disparity in donation, more donors are needed, so that the waiting list for organ donation is under control. There are so many illicit means and procedures going on in the name of Organ Donation, to get rid of that, more donors have to sign up and make a change.”

“It is the perfect platform to let out and discuss about the fears and myths related to donation. The modern and improved technologies have drastically changed and simplified the transplant procedures. Donating an organ is donating life to a person. The safest methods have made it possible for the living donors to continue with their lives soon after the donation. All the essential precautions and necessary protection are taking into care, so donor doesn’t have to suffer from infections or post-surgical traumas. Even with the growth in technology, the number of donors are still far low in comparison to the patients in need of transplant. Let us all come together and work for a better world, building on today’s vision by implementing the rightful strategies” says Dr. Manohar T, Senior Consultant-UrologyColumbia Asia Hospital Whitefield.

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