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Cong  will quit from MLC Elections, if 45% fitment is announced: Sravan  Challenges CM KCR


AICC National Spokesperson Dr Sravan Dasoju on Thursday demanded CM KCR to immediately announce 45% fitment to all the government employees in Telangana and asked him to issue a Government Order (GO) in this regard. If done so, the senior Congress party leader has offered to quit from the MLC Elections and assured their candidates will not ask votes from the Graduates and employees.

While addressing the media today at Gandhi Bhavan, Dr Sravan Dasoju slammed KCR for his intentional leaks given on new PRC and a 29% fitment to government employees. He ridiculed the worthless proposal being offered by KCR and appealed to the employees not to fall in his trap again, as the fitment was not just a gift by the government but it’s a fundamental right.  

“It is to be remembered that in the past CM KCR has arrogantly described the government employees as ‘the tail of a dog’ which cannot dictate the pet animal rather the dog can only direct the tail. But, now he is trying to woo the same employees with 29% fitment and showcasing it as a superior offer compared to AP’s 27% fitment. Since Andhra Pradesh is a deficit state which has offered 27%, but Telangana which is a rich state can afford to offer much better fitment and it should be more than the previous fitment of 43% given in 2015. Moreover, providing fitment or PRC is not a gift or charity by any CM but, it is a common administrative practice and a legitimate right of the government employees”, Dr Sravan explained. 

The AICC leader while criticizing the chameleon acts of CM KCR, who always lies, and asked what is preventing him from announcing 45% fitment to all the government employees and slams the snail pace activity of PRC. Biswal Commission which has been constituted in January 2018 and given its report in Jan 2021. But, now the government has appointed a 3-member committee to delay it further. “Write a letter to the Election Commission requesting it to allow the government to issue a GO in favour of employees and explain to the EC about the necessity. Congress will quit in the midst of MLC elections if you announce 45% fitment to employees. Are you ready KCR?”, Dr Sravan challenged. 

Terming all the promises made by KCR like ‘bubbles on the water’, Dr Sravan appealed to employees and graduates to be careful about the election dramas being played by him and said that the sky will not fall if the TRS Candidates are defeated. Neither KCR loses his crown nor he need to leave the Pragathi Bhavan.  But, all the promises may be honoured, while sitting at home, if both of them are defeated. “Even if Palla Rajeshwar Reddy and Ms Vani Devi win the election and want to speak on the issues, they cannot do that because they are the puppets in the hands of KCR. CM KCR always comes up with an intentional agenda and gives promises like anything. During the 2018 elections he promised to pay Rs 3,016 monthly stipend to unemployed Graduates but failed in doing so. During the GHMC Elections promised to pay Rs 100 Crore to Rs 200 Crore additional flood relief fund to the Hyderabad flood victims but, nothing has done so far even after the Mayor and the Corporators are elected. Farm loan waiver is also not implemented”, he slammed. 

Sravan asked the Minister KTR to stop talking lies on recruitment numbers with fabricated data and blamed him for the suicides being taken place in the state just because of his false announcements. Ankam Buchiraju and N Narsaiah, both were working as Artisans in Electricity department, who have committed suicide for not being regularized their services. “If your regularization announcement of 22,637 artisans is true, why are they committing suicides, KTR. Who is responsible for their deaths?”, he lamented. 

The senior Congress party leader has also clarified that it was just the Congress party which has brought 15 TMCs of Krishna water and 10 TMCs of Godavari water to Hyderabad for ensuring continuous drinking water supply to citizens. He wondered how come KTR so shamelessly talking lies on water and employment despite there was nothing great work done by him, who has always been relying on Gobells propaganda. 

Meanwhile, He also criticized the illogical announcements being made by the State Election Commission and alleged that it is behaving like a private agent to CM KCR. He finds fault with its announcement of removing bogus voters just ahead of polling date is a mystery which reflects the illegal nexus between the EC and CM KCR who is trying to win the elections at any cost. He warns that the Congress party will not remain silent even after the elections are over but will fight until all the pending issues are solved.

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