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TPCC President N. Uttam Kumar Reddy today released letter written by party president Sonia Gandhi to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the issue of corona virus.

Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) President & MP Capt. N. Uttam Kumar Reddy said that the Congress campaign in MLC elections for Warangal-Nalgonda-Khammam and Hyderabad-Rangareddy-Mahabubnagar Graduates constituencies was receiving tremendous response.

            Addressing two different election meetings on Wednesday, Uttam Kumar Reddy said that the Congress candidates Ramulu Naik and G.Chinna Reddy has been enjoying the backing of organizational strength in all six districts. Besides the PCC and DCC office bearers, he said that the leaders of all Frontal, Departments and Cells were actively working the victory of Congress candidates. He claimed that neither TRS nor BJP has so much reach or strength to face the Congress candidates although both were trying to lure voters with money and other sops.

            Stating that TRS Government has disappointed all sections of the society, Uttam Kumar Reddy said that the employees, teachers, jobless youth and students were repeatedly cheated by Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao. “CM KCR, who is lavishly living in an Rs. 1,000 Crore worth palatial bungalow ‘Pragathi Bhavan’, has turned so insensitive that he never held a meeting to at least review the problems being faced by the people. Employees have been waiting endlessly for the new Pay Revision Commission. Teachers have completely lost their relevance before KCR Govt. Lakhs of students are facing difficulties due to the lack of funds and facilities. Jobless youth have no opportunities and unemployment has reached its peak. BJP Govt at the Centre and TRS Govt in Telangana are equally responsible for bringing the situation to this deteriorating level. Under these circumstances, people are looking at the Congress party for a solution. They have now realised that they never faced such situations when Congress was in power,” he said.

            Uttam Kumar Reddy ridiculed the ongoing membership drive of TRS party. He said instead of enrolling people on ideological basis, TRS leaders were offering membership by selling insurance policies and mediclaims. He said every political party takes care of its members. But TRS leaders are offering incentives and cash to achieve membership targets. By doing so, TRS could only mobilise crowds. But it cannot create a disciplined and dedicated army of party workers.

            The TPCC Chief also ridiculed BJP’s ‘Operation Aakarshan’ of luring Congress leaders into its fold. “Telangana BJP leaders are acting like scavengers searching for some disgruntled elements within the Congress party. Earlier, TRS had served as a trash can for the Congress party where all non-important and irrelevant leaders got dumped. Since TRS trash can is almost full, BJP is proving to be a fresh dustbin of Congress party,” he said.

            Uttam Kumar Reddy described Congress party as a factory which produces leaders at all levels in huge quantity. He said TRS, BJP or another party in Telangana became stronger only after it made a few Congress leaders defect to them. He said even CM KCR began his career from the Congress party and almost half of its cabinet, MPs, MLAs and MLCs are ex-Congressmen. Similarly, he said that the BJP has been trying to gain some prominence in Telangana by scavenging for some disgruntled leaders. He said even the BJP’s National Vice-President originally belongs to the Congress party.

            The TPCC Chief said that the defection of a few leaders to TRS or BJP would never impact the Congress party. “We are a cadre-based party. Leaders come and go. But the cadre remains firm at the ground level and it never switches loyalties for money or any other thing. Each Congress worker is so capable that his qualities and political understanding are far better than the State-level leaders of other parties. Congress has the capacity to produce leaders in abundance while TRS and BJP could only survive by behaving like vultures,” he said.

            Uttam Kumar Reddy exhorted the Congress cadre to work hard to ensure the victory of Ramulu Naik and Chinna Reddy as MLC from Graduates Constituencies.

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