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Congress demands action against TRS Corporator for assaulting girl

Gudur Narayana Reddy

Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) Treasurer Gudur Narayana Reddy demanded stern action against TRS Corporator from Serilingampally Ragam Nagender Yadav who allegedly assaulted a young girl in Lingampalli.

            Narayana Reddy, in a media statement on Wednesday, said that the ruling party corporator, Nagender Yadav, assaulted the girl, Ananya Kurikala, when she objected to wrong parking by the corporator. “It is clearly evident from the video, which has gone viral on social video, that the TRS Corporator used offensive language and threatened her using his official position. He even assaulted her in full public view. This is nothing but utter misuse of power and wrong display of arrogance. He openly intimidated a young girl of dire consequences with criminal intent just because she opposed a wrong doing by the ruling party corporator,” he said while demanding stern action against him.

The Congress leader said that this was not the first time when TRS leaders attacked common people. He pointed out that the TRS Corporator Anjali Devi’s husband Sridhar Goud and his henchmen had allegedly attacked a man and his family in Narapally area in July this year over a land dispute. “Many TRS leaders are openly indulging in rowdism. They are apparently under the wrong impression that Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao is the ‘king’ and Telangana is their ‘Jagir’ (personal fiefdom). TRS leaders are behaving as if they are above law and no one could question their wrong doings,” he alleged.

            He also questioned the silence of IT Minister K. Tarakarama Rao on the ‘rowdy-like’ behaviour of TRS corporators. “KTR Tweets about almost everything beneath the sky. He also plants many fabricated stories through his Tweets to highlight himself as a leader who is truly concerned about common man. But KTR never reacts to the developments which exposes the true face of TRS leaders. Why is he not reacting to the video of TRS Corporator Nagender Yadav attacking an innocent girl? Why is he still silent on open rowdism by the leaders of the same party which he heads as Working President?” he asked.

            The Congress leader demanded DGP Mahender Reddy to take stern action against TRS Corporator Nagender Yadav. He alleged that the local police was reportedly pressurising the girl and her family to do a compromise on the issue. “DGP Mahender Reddy gets active whenever Congress leaders plan a protest. He immediately sends various teams to arrest the Congress leaders or place them under house arrest. However, he doesn’t react when the ruling party leaders indulge in some mischief even if it means attack on women,” he alleged.

            Reddy advised CM KCR, Minister KTR and other TRS leaders to mend ways and started treating people with respect. “People have voted for TRS in the last two elections with the hope that it would provide them safety and protect their dignity. However, TRS leaders are misusing their power to attack common people and humiliate them with even a slightest provocation,” he alleged while demanding that the TRS Corporator must be booked for offences including Hurt, Outraging the Modesty of Women, Criminal Intimidation and other relevant sections. 

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