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COVID 19 virus creates obstacles to YS Sharmila’s maiden public meeting

The deadly Covid 19 virus has turned out to be an obstacle for YS Sharmila’s upcoming maiden public meeting at Khammam. Sharmila has planned to hold the meeting on April 9,2021.

 The Khammam police have issued notices to the organisers of the meeting under GO No. 68 and 69. The notices were handed over to the Khammam district incharge of the party Lakkineni Sudheer. However the supporters of Sharmila have said that they would hold the meeting as per Covid 19 guidelines. The police department has initially given permission to hold the public meeting at Khammam based pavilion ground  initially . Following this,Sharmila thought to hold the meeting with one lakh people. It is also widely reported that Sharmila would not only announce the name of her party at the public meeting but also declare the details of the party symbol and its code of conduct.

The supporters of Sharmila have applied to the Khammam police commissioner Tafseer Iqbal seeking his permission for the meeting. 

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