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CPI demands inquiry of EAMCET paper Narayana and Sri Chaithanya colleges

CPI demanded the state government to order a high-level inquiry into the Medical Entrance (EAMCET) paper leakage scam and functioning of Narayana and Sri Chaithanya Corporate colleges in Telugu states.

In a note, CPI senior leader Dr K Narayana said that the state government was aware of the recent arrest of an employee (Dean) of a reputed corporate college on the charges of Medical Entrance (EAMCET) paper leakage scam at Hyderabad. This scam was dated back in 2016. He was not alone involved in this scam. In Telugu states, there was a strong feeling among the people about the involvement of, two corporate colleges, Sri Chaithanya and Narayana. For decades together, these colleges are controlling Intermediate education (+2 course) in both Telugu states, he stated. It was not an exaggeration that more than half of the intermediate students of these states were studying in these two groups of institutions alone.

Every year, only these institutions secure most of the top ranks in the final exams, as well as, in Medical and Engineering courses. It was a known fact that these institutions use all ways and means to be on the top of the chart. Sometimes they even kidnap the top rankers of other institutes and manage them to claim as if they studied in their institutions, he pointed out. Meanwhile, two institutes claim the same student, who secured top rank, as theirs and give full-page advertisements in the newspapers and Televisions. With all this, they try to attract students and also established a network to identify meritorious students in rural areas and get them joined in their colleges. By showing the performance of these few meritorious students, these colleges commercialized education and charging lakhs of rupees in the name of IIT, NEET, Intensive coaching and others. Parents were innocently falling prey to this and joining their children in these institutions.

He said that these institutions, by hook or by crook, were managing to get top ranks in the Medicine and Engineering and flourishing their looting business year by year. To continue their monopoly they even corrupted the whole education system from top to bottom. They were also expanding their Empire across India. Two Telugu state governments were unable to control them. There were several incidents of students committing suicide on the premises of these two colleges due to immense pressure and mental torture meted out by the institutions. It was evident that an employee of the corporate college is arrested only two years after the leakage. Management of these corporate institutions were influencing with money power.

Recently they were influencing with political power also, as one of these institutions managements key personality was a minister in one of the Telugu states. Keeping in view, the future of the lakhs of students, Narayana urged the state government to order a high-level enquiry into Medical entrance (EAMCET-2016) Paper leakage scam and also the role of corporate institutions, as well as the functioning of these colleges in both states. Take stringent action and measures to bring out education system from the corporate clutches, he asked.

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