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DDS Mobile Biodiversity Festival Comes to end

The 21st Mobile Biodiversity Festival  of Deccan Development Society (DDS) wrapped up its  event today  at Machnoor of Jharasangham Mandal. The ceremony was graced by the powerful and prominent women of the state like Sunitha laxma Reddy, the Chairperson Of Telangana State Commission of Women, Upasana kamineni konidela, the vice chairperson of Apollo, Group Padma Devender Reddy, the First Deputy Speaker of Telangana Legislative Assembly and Gangwar Anjamma, the National Plant Genome Savior Award Winner
Speaking on the occasion Sunitha Laxma Reddy  mentioned that she was very impressed with the traditional organic and biodiverse farming which the women farmers had been practicing. Backing that, she added that these days farmers were in search of profitable crops and added that  they were using chemical fertilizers and market seeds resulting in the deterioration of soil fertility which leads to more investment on the soil in the coming years. She appreciated that the DDS farmers had been saving their seeds, using organic methods with no investment involved is a more ecological and financially smart practice.
The Co Director of the DDS Jayasri Chrukuri speaking on the occasion said  “ This festival of  the women farmers has been celebrated from 20 years and its always been a readdress for the forgotten crops, culture and the importance it brings to the present conditions of climate change. This celebratory event always showcases the significance of  traditional agricultural practices and how the food produced from these practices can be a solution for the nutritional security of the country. Though the great work of these farmers is recognized by the national and international institutions by honoring them with prestigious awards, they are not acknowledged at the policy level.” 
The Director of the DDS Satheesh mentioned that it was a visual treat to see an all women guest fraternity on the stage who are capable of making this district as millet district. Reflecting on the Millet charter made by the women farmers, he recollected the slogan “Milllet Rights are Women Rights, where he explained it’s the women who take the sole responsibility of the farming, seeds and food for the family which in turn gives them complete rights on Millets. Being the familiar women to this region, he requested Ms. Sunitha and Ms. Padma Devender Reddy to take the millet agenda ahead on the behalf of these women farmers and the millets”. Appreciating the women farmers present there, he said “ this 21 year old cultural campaign wouldn’t have happened without their determination and hard work. The concept of biodiversity is not just seen in your farms but even in your lifestyle too”.

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