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Democrats win US midterm elections: Setback for Trump

Democrats won the U.S. House by riding a surge of voter anger and discontent with Donald Trump in suburban enclaves, even as the president’s loyal supporters reaffirmed Republican control of the Senate. The outcome of Tuesday’s midterm election highlighted the urban-rural divide that has come to define US politics.

It will dramatically alter Trump’s next two years in office and make a deeply divided nation even more difficult to govern as he seeks re-election in 2020. By early Wednesday, Democrats had secured more than the 218 seats needed to win control of the House, with some races yet to be called.

Many of the party’s winners were women and the election will send a record number of them to the House next year. With several races yet to be called, at least 95 women had been elected to the chamber, surpassing the current record of 84.

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