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Desi foods mitigate modern diseases, says Millet Man

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Three-day Indian Traditional Healthcare Workshop and Exhibition organized by Big Marketeers and Department of Ayush concluded on Sunday evening at Hitex, Madhapur. The organizers said over 20,000 people visited the expo in the last three days.

Addressing the gathering on the last day on “Mitigation of Modern Diseases: Role of Desi Foods (Siridhanyalu and Kashayalu)”,  Dr Khader Vali, popularly known as The Millet Man, a US-returned Telugu scientist, who was reversing illness without medicine, said Swiggies, Zomatoes and Uber Eats are making our home’s kitchen-less. He said some 125 years ago there used to be one diabetic in one crore population. But today there are 28 diabetics in every 100 population. What is the change between then and now?”. “It is our food and eating habits. We are what we eat.  In this fast faceted world, people are preferring convenience food over our traditional food. That is why it is leading them to more sickness”.

“Also machines, gadgets, gizmos are making us more lethargic. So there is no human effort.  That is why we are getting more and more lifestyle diseases.  Mobile, Internet, TV is killing sleeping patterns of people. If I have the power to dictate the world, I will switch off electricity by nine in the nights. We need to sleep in the night and work in the day.  We are doing a reverse”, he lamented.

“There is no physical activity so much so that to avoid walking, we have even constructed toilets attached with our bedrooms. Ordering on Amazon may be Amazing.  But, convenient foods leads to sickness”, he informed. Dr. Khader, who belonged to  Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh and now residing in Mysuru,  worked as a postdoctoral fellow on Environment Science at Beaverton Oregon and as a scientist in CFTRI for three years. He gave a lot of simple steps to take control of health.  “You are in-charge of your own health. Don’t put that responsibility into the hands of doctors”, he said.

Dr. Khader said, “Start eating positive grains (Siridhanya) which our parents used to eat 60 years ago. These include Foxtail (Navane), Barnyard (Oodalu), Kodo (Arka), Little (Saame), Brown top (Korle), fruits and vegetables, palm jaggery (Kappu Bella/state) and use groundnut oil to stay healthy. Positive grains are not just nutritious, they can be grown in dry land and need only 20 cm rainfall. As high as 60 percent of the available land in India is dry land, so, if farmers cultivate positive grains, there can be no drought in the next 50 years,” he reasoned. 

The expo was organized by Hyderabad based Big Marketeer with support from Department of Ayush.  The expo had 80 exhibitors and 120 stalls.   Portable Oxygen Cylinders; Paper made from Cow Dung; Home Crops, Save Grain Bags, Eco-Grills are few highlights of the exhibition. Oxy 99 displayed Portable Oxygen Cylinders.  The six liters of IP medical grade 99% pure oxygen helps save many lives, said A. Vishwanath. The Cylinder costs Rs 650. Home Crops set up a stall which says, your terrace and balconies are the new farms.  Ajay Beerla of HomeCrops makes it easy to grow toxin-free vegetables at home.  

Anitha Traders displayed unique metal crafts which are wall hangings. The stall drew lot of visitors attention. Save Grain Bags are showcased for effective storage of Food Grains, Nuts, Flour, Seeds.  They are environmentally friendly and reduce pollution according to the promoters. 

Twelve talks were organized in conjunction with the expo. These include Jungle Farming, Disease Root Cause Identifying And Correcting By Self;  Drugless Cure Manthena Satyanarayana Raju;  Mitigation Of Moden Diseases: Role Of Desi Food (Siridhanyalu & Kashayalu by Dr Khader Valli D; Atavi Vyavasayamu (Jungle Farming) A Sustainable Model For  Future Generations by Dr Khader Valli D; Proven Cure For Diabetes & Obesity by Manthena Satyanarayana Raju and others. 

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