Digitise Archaeology documents for posterity: Kadiam

Digitise Archaeology documents for posterity: Kadiam

Deputy Chief Minister Kadiam Srihari today stressed the need for digitisation of historic documents and files pertaining to Archaeology Department across the country. The precious documents in the state of Telangana will be digitised in one year, he stated. The minister inaugurated a national workshop on Indian Historic documents and files and exhibition at Marri Chenna Reddy Human Resources Development (MCRHRD) Institute here on Tuesday attended by officials of archaeology departments of other states. Speaking on the occasion the deputy chief minister mentioned that as per changing trends of technology and advancement in each and every field the archaeology departments across the country should update. Accordingly, the updation of the records, documents andfiles with latest technology for digitising them, he said. The Telangana Government, he said, will extend all cooperation for taking up digitasation program in the state and secure the same documents and files for present and future generations Srihari said. He expressed happiness that these departments in the entire country have over 50 millions of historical documents.

Srihari also said that we need to protect these precious documents in a proper way enabling the future generations to go through. He called upon the officials of the departments to take initiative to speed up the process of digitisation and secure the same for future generations to go through the history of the country.

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