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Dr. K. Narayana takes updeeksha


Communist Party of India (CPI) Secretary, Dr. K. Narayana, has taken up “Deeksha” on Sunday form 10.00 AM to 05.00 PM at his residence in Hyderabad. He demanded the Central and State Government to immediately set up free food and public health distribution facilities at all the Police stations , Panchayat or Local bodies offices and directly serve food and other immediately needed services to poor and vulnerable people. He also demanded that necessary fund s for the same should be allocated by the respective Governments.

 Narayana released an inaugural video speech from his residence, wherein he mentioned that CPI Secretary and former General Secretary,  Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy has tweeted the above and asked the Governments to respond.  CPI General Secretary  D. Raja, also writing letter to the Prime Minister demanding the same as above.

Dr. Narayana said that food facilities, if set up at police station, the distribution system will be easy and will reach the needy and the governments may take all political parties’, NGOs, and voluntary organizations help for this. Narayana mentioned that there are lakhs of tones of food stocks that are available in FCI godowns if a meagre part of stocks are released, those are enough for the poor and vulnerable sections of people for the next 3 months.

He also said that the government is allocating funds at rate 0.6 per cent of GDP, whereas the other countries allocated 20 – 26 percent of their GDP. He demanded the government to enhance the funds allocation for this purpose immediately. Narayana suggested the Central Government to take up Kerala as a model in this regard. The Kerala government in coordination with the Opposition working efficiently to face the Carona pandemic

Vasumathi Devi, wife of Dr. Narayana garlanded him as a gesture of inauguration of his Deeksha.

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