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Dr Veeramaneni Venugopal Rao bestowed with ‘Vedic Vibhushan’ title

Hyderabad city based prominent Vaastu Acharya Dr Venugopal Rao Veeramaneni was bestowed with the prestigious “Vedic Vibhushan” title at the 70th Rashtriya Jyotish Maha Sammelan, held at Guwahati. The Award was presented by Member of Parliament Sri Kalraj Mishra; renowned astrologist Sri Padmesh Dubey and Security analyst and former DGP of Assam, Sri GM Srivastava.

In his keynote address on ‘Natural Calamities – Imbalances of Five Elements’ at the Sammelan, attended by over 200 delegates from all over India and abroad, Dr Veeramaneni, attributed the greed of mankind and his indiscriminate ways of manipulating and tampering with the well defined nature’s laws as the cause for natural disasters like the one we have seen recently in Kerala, Jharkhand, Hong Kong etc. The exploitation of nature due to rampant urbanisation and rapid industrialization without any thought for the consequences can lead to even bigger disasters and ultimate extinction of mankind from planet Earth, he said.

Dr Veeramaneni, further elaborated by saying that our ancient Science of Vastu had foreseen such extreme calamities and prescribed preventive measures and remedies, ages ago. It’s time for us to go back and unearth the rich knowledge in Vastu sashtra. He said the root cause of such disasters is the imbalances in nature’s five elements of earth, water, fire, air and space. Ensuring all five are in harmony, can not only prevent such calamities but will help mankind to evolve into super beings. It can bring about a positive change in the health and wealth of all beings. He advised the modern thinkers and planners to adhere to the basic tenets of nature as prescribed by Vastu before taking up any major developmental projects. Often these projects are short-sighted, as they benefit us in the immediate period, but leave behind a trail of damage and scope for future disasters, he added.   

About Dr Venugopal Rao Veeramaneni

A pharma scientist with a Ph.D., in Chemistry, Dr Venugopal Rao, had a great interest in Astrology and used to practise it more like a passion right from his childhood. Parallel to his career as a research scientist, he carried out an in-depth study and extensive research of Astrology and Vaastu and gained mastery over both of them. This relentless pursuit guided him to earn two more Ph.Ds, one in Astrology and another in Vaastu and also the rare distinction of holding three doctorates by an individual. The scientific approach he adopts in practising these two sciences made him popular and gained him several patrons from all echelons of the society, which led to him devoting his full time for Astrology and Vaastu. Dr Venugopal Rao’s immense popularity can be gauged from the fact that he is the recipient of over 20 national/international awards.

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