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Dy Mayor exhorts Muslims to perform prayers at home

Baba Fasiuddin

Dy.Mayor Baba Fasiuddin appealed the Muslim Community to perform prayers at home only and follow lock down rules and support the Government to contain the spread of Covid-19 virus.

Dy.Mayor Baba Fasiuddin organized press conference with prominent Moulanas and Muftis on the ensuing Ramadan festival. Janab Mufti Khaleel Ahmed Nizamia and Qubool Pasha Suttari Secretary Ulema E Deccan appealed the Muslim Community  to do prayers in the house only  and not more than 5 persons in Masjid.

They further requested to adhere  the lock down rules and not to gather in large number during prayers. The Government taking is various steps to control the spread of covid-19 virus.  From nurse to Doctors,  sweeper to Commissioner, Home guard to Commissioner and other departments are working tirelessly to contain the virus for welfare of the society. As a human being every one must look after wellbeing of others and it is our responsibility supports the Government’s efforts in containing the spread of virus.    

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