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Elderly voters get confused with truck symbol in Telangana elections

Some independent candidates and small parties apparently benefited from some confusion among voters between the ‘car’ symbol of the TRS and the ‘truck’ symbol of the others in Telangana elections. The beneficiaries of this apparent confusion were Samajwadi Forward Block party and independent candidates.

Many elderly voters and those who could not read, apparently got confused between the car and the truck and went ahead and cast their ballots by pressing the button on EVMs next to the truck symbol. The candidates, who lost the poll, argue that the similarity between the truck and car symbols led to their defeat. This confusion appeared in many Assembly constituencies where a good number of voters cast their votes for an independent candidate who was given truck symbol.

The votes received by the candidates with truck symbol were believed to have influenced the outcome of the election in those constituencies. TRS activists feel that the Election Commission should have been more careful in allotting symbols to independent candidates to avoid such confusion.

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