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Electoral Rolls Preparation and Publication for GHMC Polls should be postponed: Sravan

GHMC elections

AICC spokesperson Dr Dasoju Sravan demanded for the postponement of Electoral Rolls preparation for Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) elections. He came down heavily on Telangana State Election Commission (SEC) for releasing the notification for Electoral Rolls, while residents of Hyderabad are yet to come out of the devastation caused by floods and compensation amounts distribution exercise is still in the process.

            “TRS Government has completely failed in offering relief to lakhs of flood affected families in Hyderabad. Instead of offering succour to the suffering people, TRS MLAs, corporators and ward level leaders have formed cartels and pocketed commissions. Even in cases where money was distributed, TRS leaders are using it for publicity. Now the TRS Government and Telangana State Election Commission are enacting a new political drama. SEC issued notification on October 31, 2020 for the ‘Preparation of Electoral Rolls. Citing this GHMC Commissioner ordered officials to stop distribution of relief amount, as they are needed to urgently take up electoral rolls preparation. TRS leaders will again take up cash distribution after publication of electoral rolls in the run up to the polls, and present it as pending flood compensations being distributed during polls. In such a case it is completely unethical and will not provide equal opportunity to all political parties. Therefore electoral rolls preparation should be postponed till the compensation amounts distribution to flood-affected families is completed,” said Dr Dasoju Sravan demanding postponement of Electoral Rolls Preparation.    

            “Telangana State Election Commission has turned into Kalvakuntla Election Commission. Instead of focusing on ensuring safe and fair elections, State Election Commission is dancing to the tunes of CM KCR. How will the SEC release notification for ‘Preparation and Publication of Electoral Rolls for GHMC’ when people are stuck in deep trouble in the aftermath of floods? Due to SEC notification, compensation distribution to poor people is being stopped. Can’t SEC wait till compensation is completely distributed?” fired Dr Dasoju Sravan, disapproving SEC’s move.

            Congress senior leader has sought High Court’s intervention to postpone ‘Electoral Rolls Preparation’ through his PIL. 

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