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Full proof arrangements made for vote counting

GHMC elections

The State Election Commission (SEC) has made full proof arrangements for the successful conduct of votes on Friday in 30 Centers across GHMC. The counting will begin at 8 am. The authorities have set up to 150 halls based on the divisions. Each ball will have 14 tables. Each table will have one counting supervisor and two counting assistants.

A total of 8152 employees would take part in the counting process. A total of 31 officers have been appointed as the observers of the counting. CCTV cameras have been put up for recording the entire counting process. Sanitizers have been kept available at all the counting tables. The authorities have asked the counting staff and counting agents to wear masks before entering the counting halls.

The counting of votes would begin with the counting of ballot votes. Of the total 74.67 lakh votes , 34.50 lakh votes have been cast in the elections. Of this, 18.6 lakh are male voters and 15.90 lakh are female voters. Each round will have 14000 votes. The corporation has registered 46.55 of poll percentage. The authorities have banned cell phones in the counting halls.

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