G20 summit 2017

Police use pepper spray, water cannons on protesters

Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi and China President Xi Jinping met

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping discussed various isses during an informal gathering of BRICS leaders on the margins of the G20 Summit in Hamburg on Friday

The annual meeting of the G20—the leaders of the world’s 19 wealthiest nations plus the European Union—summit in Hamburg is no exception. The US president Donald Trump, the atmosphere both inside the convention center and on the streets is likely to be even more charged than usual meetings.

Germany has the hosting the G20 this year, and has put on the agenda topics almost guaranteed to rile the US president, including climate change, free trade, and helping migrants and refugees. Trump has already pulled the world’s largest economy out of the group’s major climate agreement, and is expected to suggest new tariffs and trade hurdles in meetings today and tomorrow.

Protesters at the G20 summit in Germany set a series of bonfires in the streets, looted shops, and stacked up blocks of pavement to use as projectiles as tension between demonstrators and police ratcheted up Friday night.

At first police stayed back while the protesters took a hit-and-run approach, groups of them running up the road, throwing rocks and bottles, and quickly retreating.

But about 30 minutes before midnight, police moved forward, firing teargas, water cannons and setting off flash-bang grenades.

Protesters hurled bottles of looted champagne into the fires, Hamburg police said, causing popping noises that sounded like fireworks. At one store, residents of the area tried to stop people from stealing from the shop windows.

It was a much more aggressive atmosphere than earlier when police sought to prevent small groups of mostly anti-capitalist protesters Friday from disrupting the summit world leaders including President Donald Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin met for talks.

According to police information, 197 officers have been injured since Thursday and reinforcements from outside Hamburg have been requested. At least 83 people were arrested and 17 have been detained since the protests began.

Nearly 200 police persons injured

And  protesters are looting the stores

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