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GHMC asks donors to adapt and raise the plants as part of Haritha Haram

Telangana Ku Haritha Haram (TKHH) is the flagship program of the Chief Minister, Telangana State to increase the Green Cover, Aesthetic value, control the pollution and temperature. GHMC is taking up tree plantation under various categories like Avenue Plantations, Colony Plantations, Institutional Plantations, Open Space Plantations, Graveyard Plantations and Distribution of Homestead Plants etc.,

During 2016-17, as against the target of 81 Lakhs plantation, GHMC had successfully taken up 84.91 Lakhs including free distribution of plants to public under homestead plantation. . Out of which 2.11 Lakhs planting are done in Open spaces, Institutions, Grave Yards, Avenue Plantation, Lakes etc., and protecting them through contract system and their survival is 91%.

During 2017-18 a target of 76 Lakhs has been achieved as against the target of 100 lakhs, including planting and homestead plants distribution to the households, as per their preferred species. Out of which GHMC has planted 3.53 Lakhs in Institutions Open Spaces, Lakes, Green Ways, Green Curtains and protecting them through contract system and the Survival having 93%.

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