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“GHMC is providing Rs.1 lakh prize money“ for completing e-learning course on Swachh Bharat Mission and Solid Waste Management every month by selecting 10 e-learning course completion participants through the lottery and award the prize money of 10000 each for 10 members. Cash awards will be given on 15th August in GHMC Head Office.

The e-learning course on SWM has been launched on July 31 and all the GHMC officials have completed the course and now open to the public in GHMC website so the public can register and complete the e-learning course on SWM.

“The course will be available for general public. They can avail this course to get exposure on Solid waste management and sanitation activities handled by GHMC. It was the responsibility of every citizen to be aware of the importance of proper solid waste management and act responsibly towards the same.

This course was designed to effectively explain the importance of solid waste management and the existing scenario of the same in Hyderabad. Also, the course discusses the ways in which GHMC collects, transports, processes and disposes the garbage and also the effects of improper garbage disposal. 

Source segregation was a critical and most important step in proper waste management. The course emphasizes the importance of source segregation and the benefits of segregating the recyclable waste, which is otherwise disposed to the landfill and this course helps the citizens to move towards Swachhata.

The e-learning course Link:

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