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GHMC mosquito drive along Music River


GHMC is taking various measures to control Mosquitoes menace in the city. One of the measures is focusing on all along the Musi River, starting from Bapu Ghat to Nagole stretch of 21 Kms . the Musi flows through 4 zones… Khairthabad, Charminar, LB Nagar and Secunderabad consisting of 14 divisions.

To take up anti larva operations along the Musi, 3 special units formed with 50 workers headed by 2 Assistant Entomologists under supervision of 2 Senior Entomologists and they will monitor the ALO operations.

 For spraying along Musi a special Drone is pressed into service along with 6 vehicles mounted fogging machines. Further, 15 portable fogging machines also allotted to take- up fogging in surrounding areas of Musi to control the spread of Mosquitoes. With the co-operation of Musi River front Development Corporation GHMC is taking up ALO operations. Desilting works also going with 15 JCBs, 2 Phanta Machines to enable free flow of water by MRDCL. With the all above activities the breeding of mosquitoes and menace will reduce substantially.

Simultaneously, to kill mosquitoes, Mosquitoes killer machines provided at Bapughat, Laxminagar colony and Jiyaguda. Each killer Machine effects surrounding 1Km area to attract and kill the Mosquitoes. Areas all along Musi, Yerra Kunta Lake, Shashan ghat, , Purana pool bridge, – High Court Nayapool Bridge, – shivaji Bridge, Bhadrapur housing Board colony to Shashanghat, S.M.Guda to H.V. Colony, Miralam Tank, Palle Cheruv, Attapur areas where prone to mosquitoes menace, apart from ALO operations fogging operations also being conducted.

Anti larva operations taken up at the following places where there is scope of heavy breeding sources.

  • Attapur Bridge to Dilsuknagar Bus Depot ,Yerafnagar nala Banjara hills to Husssain sagar ,Domulguda Nala
  • Viceroy Hotel to Musi River , Bala Nagar to Hussain Sagar, Kalasi guda nala to Secunderabad Cantonement to Hussain Sagar  Chilkalguda Nala.


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