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GHMC plans to plant 40 lakh Saplings

GHMC commissioner  B. Janardhan Reddy,   said that the GHMC is planning to plant 40 lakh saplings under Telangana Harithaharam programme.

The GHMC would involve NGOs and others to take up tree plantation,  for which the GHMC nurseries are supplying saplings free of cost. Out of 40 lakh, 35 lakh are being planted with the help of NGOs and remaining 5 lakh are being taken up by the GHMC officials, he said. The Commissioner appealed the Corporate and Private Companies to join hands with the GHMC for providing tree guards under CSR. The details of specific tree guards and their information about the rate and other information can be obtained from the GHMC website and help the GHMC for taking up the plantation in a massive manner under this project.

The Urban Biodiversity wing has already taken up the digging works for the plantation programme and the works are in process. The five lakh plantation from GHMC includes 95,000 in LB Nagar zone, 65,000 in Charminar zone, 79,600 in Khairtabad zone, 85,250 in Serilingampally zone, 1,01,050 in Kukatpally zone, 74,100 in Secunderabad zone. For the plantation programme around 3,60,880 hectares of land has been identified in 2000 places where the digging works are going in a fast manner.

The remaining 35 lakh of saplings being supplied free of cost to the citizens, LB Nagar  Charminar zones are seven lakh saplings, Kahirtabad, Serilingampally, Kukatpally zones five lakh each, Secunderabad six lakh have been planned and some of the saplings are also being issued to the students of various institutions.

These 40 lakhs saplings are being provided in 34 nurseries. The GHMC is going to plant 5 lakh saplings out of which 2,92,404 saplings will be at a height of 5ft. with neem, fruits etc., will be taken up for planting.  Apart from these, medicinal plants are also being provided to supply the same for the citizens who are interested.

The Commissioner has also appealed the Corporate companies and NGOs take up Central Medians maintenance. The GHMC is having 526 open places and action plan is being prepared to take up ma assive plantation on these open spaces. The GHMC has taken up pa plantation in the last 2 to 3 years where more than 90 per cent  survival rate has been observed. Several other methods are also being taken care to ensure cent percent protection of the plants for the project.

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