GHMC Reviews on ‘Kanti Velugu’ programme

In the GHMC limits,  around 1.20 crore citizens will have  treatment and tests of Eye Related Problems under ‘Kanti Velugu’ (Light for Eyes) the Government’s innovative programme which is going to be launched on 15th of August said DR.B. Rammohan, Mayor.

A review meeting with regard to Kanti Velugu Programme has been organized at GHMC Head Office where Dr.B. Janardhan Reddy, Commissioner, GHMC, Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy Collectors Ms. Yogitha Rana,  Raghunandan Rao along with GHMC Senior officials, Zonal / Deputy Commissioner, DMHOs and Tahsildars have participated in the meeting. 

While interacting with the officials, the Mayor said that the GHMC is having around 150 wards and  each ward will be provided with two Eye Test Centres free  of cost for the convenience of the citizens which will be working from morning 9 AM to  4 PM where eye tests will be conducted in GHMC Community Halls and other Govt., buildings are being provided for the said purpose. 

Mayor directed the GHMC officials to provide basic minimum facilities like water, lighting, sanitation, seating arrangements at the centres. The citizens will be provided with slips well in advance at their households giving them the date and time for conducting of the eye tests. This programme is being taken up  for the convenience of the citizens to have a clear vision and  no other Corporation in the Country has taken up such an innovative programme,  said the Mayor.

The  Commissioner said that the citizens must present their Aadhar Cards for their Eye Test and  all the officials of various Government departments must have proper coordination  to take up the responsibility to conduct the programme in a more appropriate way.

The camps which have been conducted will have a big hall of around 1,500 sft., where all facilities will be provided to take up the eye test. These camps will be personally monitored by the Deputy Municipal Commissioners for each and every ward and  one Nodal Officer will be provided for smooth conduct of the camps,  said the Commissioner.

To make this camps a success there is every need that voluntary organizations, NGOs, Public Representatives must join hands with GHMC in making the eye test camps a grand success. 

Additional Commissioners,  Bharathi Holikeri,  Hari Chandama,  Adwait Kumar Singh,  Sruthi Ojha, Musharaf Ali,  Bhaskara Chary, Zonal Commissioners, Srinivas Reddy,  C.N. Raghu Prasad,  Shanakaraiah,  N. Ravi Kiran have participated in the review meeting.


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