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Government should look at Tax structure imposed on the Handlooms Sector: Ms Bina Rao

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World Handicrafts Council (WHC) member Bina Rao urged the government to look at the Tax structure imposed on the Handlooms Sector.

            Addressing the inaugural the two day event with an aim to spread message #MyHandloomsMyPride here on Saturday. Bina Rao said Weavers are burdened with the tax on raw materials such as yarn, dyes, looms and finished handloom products.

Over 3000 people enthusiastically participated in event and the show attracted many well known fashion designers and handloom fans. Weave India, an initiative to support weavers and promote Handlooms concluded here in the city at Roots College of Design, Film and Media at Jubilee Hills on a positive note that youngsters, millennial pursuing Fashion Designing gaining more insight into Arts and Crafts that are extinction.   

A luminary of the Indian Handloom Sector, Ms. Bina Rao, addressed and inspired a gathering of Fashion Designers, Design Students, Weavers and fans of Handloom Fabric as a Chief.

            Speaking further Bina Rao said that the Government must make the export process easy and the foreign trade office should have simpler norms for receiving foreign remittances against export from India. To sell our handloom products, the world is the market, she said. 

            This is the time for corporate houses to genuinely use their CSR funds to rejuvenate our Handloom sector, Bina Rao, Co-Founders of Creative Bee, a well-known design studio that has designed for some of the top fashion and lifestyle labels in the country and multi-store retail giants around the world, said. 

            Ms Rao added that the Ikkat has become the victim of the digital trend. She wondered why traditional skills are being copied in digital.

            National Handloom Day was my initiative recommended to the Government of India she shared. And I am happy that it is now widely observed, she remarked.  

            Shravan Kumar, Fashion Designer of Shravan Studio, a true fashionista with an unparalleled command of the latest trends and styles and  Aravind Jashua, Fashion, Costume and Crafts Designer of Thrithvaa Khaadi were guests of honour. Addressing the gathering of young Fashion Designers, Arvind said, “Khadi and Handlooms can’t survive without your active involvement. People love talking about Khadi and Handloom but when the time comes to pay for the fabric they go back and make the excuse that it is a cheap fabric. India still has a tradition of weaving unlike many nations, he added.  Shravan Kumar said Handloom is neither religion nor a business but it is a religion for me.  

Chairman of Roots Collegium, BP Padala said, Weave India was planned to promote and bring the spotlight back on to the traditional art of weaving and promote weaving as art and weavers as artists. Through this initiative, we would like to connect millennials and others to Handlooms and its legacy. 

            The handloom is India’s cultural heritage. It is also an important source of livelihood, especially for women, who form around 70 percent of the weavers or allied workers in the sector. Weave India is an exhibition by weavers and for weavers. 18 Weavers from Venkatagiri, Mangalagiri, Narayanpet, Gollabhama, Gadwal, Kalamkari will take part.. Muslin weavers from West Bengal participated, he said. 

            National Handloom Day is an occasion to reiterate support to our weavers by enhancing the spirit of #MyHandloomMyPride. Let us support local handloom products he announced 

            “On National Handloom Day, we would like to salute all those associated with our vibrant handloom and handicrafts sector, Ms Mutha Prerna Kirthi, Center Head of Roots College said. 

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