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Harikrishna’s road accident : what an eye witness said..

Harikrishna’s road accident : what an eye witness said

It is already known that famous Tollywood actor, T.D.P senior leader Nandamoori Harikrishna was killed in a road accident. This incident was seen by a person at the accident spot. He explained in detail how the accident took place.

According to what he said, “We were five members coming from Chennai to Hyderabad by car. I was in the driving seat. We were travelling at around 6 o’ clock in the morning at 80 km speed. The car which was coming in the opposite direction lost its control on the road and bounced nearly 14 feet high, came rushing towards us. 

Noticing this I turned my car towards left and could avoid being hit by the car. People in our car narrowly escaped from the dangerous situation and survived with some minor injuries. By the time we understood what happened, the people nearby had recognised Harikrishna and took him out of his car and informed to the police” the eye witness said.

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