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Haritha Haram fourth phase to begin soon

Chief Secretary K Chandrasekhar Rao will launch the fourth phase of prestigious Haritha Haram program in Bhupalapally Jayashankar district very soon. Addressing a video conference of collectors and heads of departments on Haritha Haram, Dharank Project and land acquisition issues from Secretariat here, the chief secretary asked them to make better arrangements for expanding greenery as per KCR directive. 

SK Joshi said that the collectors and officials in all districts should make success the Haritha Haram program by taking up this green drive in all localities. This is very important and needed for people for better environment in the wake of good rainfall in the state he said. The Chief Minister will be launching the fourth phase of the flagship program of green drive from Bhupalapally Jayashankar district very soon.

He also called upon the district administration to gear up for the prestigious round of green drive by involving local leaders, people and students as well and make it a peoples program. The officials should be prepared for the program as the chief minister wants to plant 100 cr of saplings next year he informed. Create awareness among students at all levels and involve the educational institutes in the prestigious program of green drive. Find places to ensure that nurseries are grown in every village and municipality by active participation of local leaders and officials.

He also asked to make of the available funds as the Centre will soon be releasing funds for construction of public toilets in all villages. Make the villages open defecation free by Oct 2 and ensures that Swachch Telangana is implemented in letter and spirit, Johi said. Since the government is committed for expanding greenery it will be successful with active participation of people, leaders, officials and students. Conduct essay writing and elocution competitions for students by giving them five saplings of fruits, flowers and shades and involve them to protect by timely watering besides going in for avenue plantation and on the highways, approach roads and other roads. Give priority to forest lands and ensure that plants that yield fruits and eaten by monkeys be planted as part of the program and see that Smrithi Vanams are set up in the name of noted people locally. He also asked to see that the plantation will not disturb Mission Bhagiratha works as pipelines laying works are in swift pace. On Dharani project, he asked to digitise pass books as per schedule through signature process and printing of the pass books and resolve the issues by making local visits. Upload land acquisition details at the earliest and ensure that the process is done online by December and making payments avoiding pending bills.

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