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HC grills Govt over Covid 19 restrictions

We will take a call on academic year in the next two days: Govt tells HC

The Telangana High Court today grilled the state government over the implementation of Covid 19 guidelines in the state. It asked the state as to why it was not imposing restrictions on liquor bars and pubs and theatres of the state. It expressed its displeasure over the conduct of less number of RTPCR tests and added that the state government was focusing more on the conduct of Rapid detection tests. It said that the RTPCR tests were not even ten percent of the total tests.
 Replying to this the advocate general of the state told the HC that they would increase the tests gradually. Angered at this, the division bench of the court wondered as to how the government would gradually increase the tests when the second phase of Covid 19 virus was spreading rapidly in the state. It made it clear to the state government to increase the number of RTPCR tests.
 It also asked the state government to take steps  for preventing crowds at bust stands and railway stations and other crowded places. It asked the state government to focus on orphanages and old age  homes. It asked the state government to submit a report on the number of cases registered by it against the violators of Covid 19 guidelines wiring the next 48 hours. 

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