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Historic milestone: Over 1.2 billion people wait for India’s first moon landing

Historic milestone: Over 1.2 billion people wait for India's first moon landing

As India’s ambitious Lunar mission takes its final leap in a few hours from now, over 1.2 billion people pray for the success of the first moon landing. There are multifarious reasons to go for the moon. The moon is earth’s only natural satellite and the closest cosmic body. New discoveries on the moon will expand human understanding about the Universe. Newer insights and experiences being gained through the study of the moon would bring a paradigm shift in designing and executing even more advanced space expeditions in future.

The Chandrayaan-2 mission would expand India’s footprint in space. The moon is considered a promising test bed to demonstrate the technologies required for deep-space missions. It will also stimulate the advancement of technologies. It may be noted that studies on space and deep space explorations have led to several spin off’s in the form of technologies that are being useful for day-to-day life as well. About eleven years ago, Chandrayaan-I confirmed the presence of water molecules on lunar surface.

Any further discoveries by the Chandrayaan-2, like the firm belief of scientists about the presence of water-ice near the polar surface, would greatly benefit future missions, even to set up a base there. Such space explorations help push the boundaries of scientific knowledge. The Chandrayaan-2 mission itself involves several innovative ideas. Such missions foster the shared aspirations of the international community as well.

One interesting aspect is that some of the most fundamental questions about our solar system are believed to be lying hidden in the craters, hills and valleys of the moon. Studying them, as being attempted by Chandrayaan-2, will help unravel some of the mysteries of the Universe. The mission is also set to inspire the whole nation and motivate the youth to adopt technologies for real-life applications. It is also poised to rekindle the interest of the youth in science and technology and foster scientific temper and scientific attitude.

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