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‘I will eat chicken biryani, doctor’: Man’s final wish before removing stomach

A man who was diagnosed with stomach cancer in Dubai which caused doctors to have no choice but to remove the entire organ asked for one thing before his dreaded surgery: To eat chicken biryani. Ghulam Abbas had vomiting and severe weight loss symptoms before finding out about the deadly disease that struck his stomach. Abbas who is the father of two children had a large tumour that covered his entire stomach.

“I asked the doctor if I could have chicken biryani as my last meal before the surgery. My wife prepared it and my brother carried it to the hospital,” Abbas told the media. Abbas’s cancer was very aggressive, according to doctors who said that the total gastrectomy performed on Abbas was ‘the first-of-its-kind’ in Dubai.

Abbas said, “Here the credit goes to my wife. She meticulously prepares small meals for me and I keep track of how often I need to eat. Post the surgery I was on watery liquids and then I moved on to thick liquids. I will soon start consuming small non-spicy meals.” Doctors said that Abbas’s small intestine will now function as his stomach.

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