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Indian IT firms cut back on H1B visa filing

In a dramatic development, several Indian IT companies cut back on their H-1B visa filings. At the same time, foreign nationals are reluctant to switch over to an American company in view of the Trump Administration’s rocksolid anti-immigration position, according to San Francisco Chronicle (SFC).

The newspaper reported that applicants for the H-1B visa programme are expecting one of the hardest processes in several years impacting both the IT firms and the applicants.

It also reported that major Indian IT consulting companies that were accused of flooding the system with applications have drastically cut back on their filings.

Interestingly, the newspaper reported that foreign nationals are showing a new form of reluctance to switch over to an American IT firm.

The newspaper made these observations even as the process for filing H-1B visa application for the 2019 fiscal beginning October 1, started.

The newspaper reported that technology-driven immigration services provider Envoy Global confirmed that 26% of the employers they had surveyed were forced to delay their projects.

Envoy Global also said 22% of the employers have relocated work overseas in view of the uncertainties in the American immigration system.

The newspaper said several studies showed that foreign-born employees are definitely good for the American economy and also for the US-born employees.

Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal reports that evidence indicates that market demand for H-1B visas is ebbing since 2017.

Interestingly, this marks the 13th consecutive month of the year-over-year declines. With the result, the Wall Street Journal reported that IT firms continue to struggle with a paradoxical labor market.

The newspaper reported that at least 548,000 tech jobs remain unfilled while joblessness in the technology sector is below full employment levels.

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