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Is that the reason Pak raised defense budget by 10%…?

The Pakistan Government presented a budget of Rs 5,661 billion in Parliament for 2018-19 Friday. This time, there has been a huge increase of about ten per cent in his defense budget.

Pakistan’s Finance Minister M. Ismail presented the sixth full budget. During the last financial year, Pakistan’s defense budget was 999 billion rupees, which has now been increased to 11 billion rupees. This money will be used by Pak to strengthen its army.

This is the sixth budget of Pakistan’s Muslim League (PML-N) government. This is the biggest defense budget ever since the formation of the PML-N government in 2013.

Finance Minister Ismail said that the budget has increased by 13 percent over the last time. In 2018-19, the target of GDP growth was set at 6.2 percent. The target was six percent in the previous budget, but the economy could touch the figure of 5.8 percent. For the next year, the target of raising taxes to the tune of 4435 billion rupees has been fixed. In the last financial year, 39 hundred billion rupees were collected from the collection of taxes.

If compared to last year’s budget, then the defense budget is increased about 20 per cent, although later in the last year also the defense budget was increased.

The Opposition opposed this budget of the Pak Government, because now there is only three months left for the current government’s tenure. But the Finance Minister, responding to the criticisms, said that the government cannot run a single day without a budget and without provincial budget approval, provincial budgets cannot even be offered.

What India can get form Pak’s defense budget raising.  For what reasons behind this increment in defense budget? these are few questions.. but formerly everyone know answers for the same..right. Hope all expectations may not true..let’s see. 

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