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Jeevitha’s hand seen behind actor Rajasekhar’s sexploits

Ever since controversy girl Sri Reddy went top nude in protest against the casting couch dragnet in the Telugu film industry, several skeletons have started to tumble out of the cupboards.

One such skeleton is that of actor couple Rajasekhar and Jeevitha. If social activist Sandhya’s statement is anything to go by, then Rajasekhar is sexually hyper active and to satisfy his carnal needs his wife Jeevitha happily supplies aspiring starlets and girls residing in a women’s hostel in Ameerpet.

This is a real shocking but classic case of a loving and obedient wife trying to warm and gratify her husband’s cockles.

This, at a time when Rajasekhar is the father of two marriage-age daughters. That is the shocker or a news.

Sandhya confirms that she got this information directly from the girls residing in the women’s hostel.

No doubt the values in the Telugu film industry have bottomed out.

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