KCR indulging in false publicity, alleges Bhatii


Finding fault with the TRS government for trying to show something nothing, TPCC working president Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka has alleged that the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao indulging falsehood publicity with government advertisements.

Speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan along with party MLAs N Pamdavathi and DK Aruna on Thursday, KCR was deceiving not only people of the state but also the people across the nation with his publicity stunts, he claimed. KCR resorted to huge publicity using the photo of one Nagararju, who no single cent land, in Rythu Beema advertisement. The government also used the photos of Nagaraju’s wife in Kanti Velugu advertisement while showing another person as her husband. He said that Nagaraju’s wife underwent trauma with this development, he lamented.  He ridiculed KCR for stating that the latter fulfilled all the assurances he made. The government was giving advertisements with the public ex-chequer for the works not done yet.  

Padmavathi said that it was atrocious on the part of the government to change the husbands of a woman in advertisements given on government schemes. The advertisements clearly show as how KCR has the respect at women.  “I don’t know how much Nagaraju’s wife underwent trauma with falsehood photo”, she bemoaned and alleged that KCR was the reason for it.

DK Aruna said that the falsehood advertisement clearly shows as to how KCR lowered downed for the publicity. KCR was giving advertisements across the nation but did nothing, she pointed out. It was shameful on the part of the government to tell that they were providing Rythu Beema for farmers using the landless person in the Rythu Beema advertisement. Changing the husband’s photo and keeping his hand on Nagaraju wife’s shoulder was nothing but insulting the women, she said. She demanded KCR to tell as to whom will own the responsibility and asked KCR to tender apologies to the woman. It was not correct on the part of KCR to escape from the issue by taking action against advertisement agency, she said and demanded KCR to extend help to Nagaraju family by allocating three acre land to them.

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