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Khairthabad ganesh gets ready 10 days before the festival

The phenomena of placing khairthabad ganesh vigraham started in year 1954 by the person named shankaraiyah, he started putting idol of ganesh starting 1feet and keeps increasing every year it reached 60 feet in 2014 due to the complains of environment issuses and the regarding permissions it keeps decrising every year.

 so this year the idol is 57 feets called “sri sapthamukha vinayakudu” so the idol will have seven headed snake backround these idol will also have 14 arms and 14 ayudhams (weapons)  one each in a hand The Seven Headed Mammoth Idol will Have Srinivasa Kalyanam (The set of Celestial Marriage of Lord Venkateshwara and Padmavathi Ammavaru) In the Left side. And Shiva Parvati On Right Side. Khairatabad Ganesh (The Mammoth Ganapati Idol) is the Biggest and One of the Most Popular Ganesh Utsava Mandali in not Only in Hyderabad But also in entire India.

Has Got their First Puja  to Ganesh On may 25th 2018. Ganesh Chaturthi Begins on 12 September 2018 and Ends on 23 sept. According to the Organiser.The works had started on may 25th until now welding works and pop works are completing organizers are estimating the work should be fulfilled  10 days before festival. The crafts man worked to finish the work is chinnaswami rajendram. Around 150 Artist and coulis came from maharastra madyapradesh are working under this to complete khairthabad ganesh. So the ganesh ustsav committee members saying that the works are going very care fully and precautions are also taking care the totall work completed before the festival. 

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