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KTR Gunman Force Me To Be Covert In Vote for Note Case : Matthaiah

In the case of the vote for the Note, the Mathayya said some sensational matters.
The politicians of both states have been keenly interested in the news that the Mathaiya media conference would be at 3:00 PM
The vote for the note was likely to be Rupture attempt in the case both Chandrababu Naidu and Revanth Reddy.
But the Matthaiah told that the things were sensational, Telangana State Minister KTR Gun Men has been attempted to make him a covert. But He did not agree. 
Matthaiah said that he threatened to pay the appropriate cost if he did not change as Covert. He said he had seen the Christian Nominee MLA do so that reason people were trying to do like Bhalipashuvu. and also said that he had beaten his brother’s relatives because he did not listen to them.
The people were asked me that why you publish the Videos of String Operation. for that, Matthaiah that is happened by Phone tapping only, I did not give by the RTI
Matthaiah requested that the closed case had been to open, such that I will open the facts about a vote for the note.

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