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Lesbian Couple Commits Suicide, Threw Baby In River

On Monday a lesbian couple allegedly committed suicide after throwing a 3-year-old child of one of them in the Sabarmati river, the police said. The women also scribbled a suicide note along the riverfront’s concrete walkway near Ellis bridge where they jumped.

In the suicide note, they mentioned that had “distanced themselves from the world so they could unite, but the world did not let them live”, he said.

The official said,”The two women committed suicide due to complications arising out of their lesbian relationship”.

One of them, who was married to a man & had a 3-year-old daughter, first threw the child into the river and then jumped along with the other woman into the water body by tying themselves with a ‘dupatta’.

They are identified as Asha Thakor (30), Bhavna Thakor (28) & Megha (3). Both women were working in a same private company in Rajoda village of Ahmedabad district, said, official.

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